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October 16, 2019

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  October  Birthdays:

Ivan Lucas 2
Susan Dixon 21
Becky Molnar 22
Scott Waltz 24
Barbara DiSalvo 25
Pearl O' Steen 30


Special Prayer Requests:

1. Rance & Nevlin Goad (health)
2. Little Lee (heath & recovery) Chuck's great-grandson and his        daughter Amy. Chuck's brother's wife has lung disease and            Memory loss
3. Thelma Crosby (balance and health)
4. Libby Hawbaker (health failing)
5. Don & Mary Jane Westlake (health)
6. Avie Ruth (radiation)Margaret's Janey's granddaughter,      Bob Clark(heart meds, & kidney problems) and Tom          Clark (dementia) Margaret's brother's.
7. Bonnie Glass. Tonya Adkin(recovery from surgery of 
     brain tumor.
8. Ellen(5yrs old,brain tumor)Norma's friend Ray's g.g.daughter.
9. Delna Dail (recovery), Dawn (health) Betty's sister
10. Matthew Marud(to live a Christ-filled life)Milton's grandson
11. Charlie Feuquay (stager 4 bladder cancer) Becky's neighbor
12. Bernard(hospice) Dave Lyon's stepfather
13. Mary Fisher (recovery)
14. Charles Causey
15. Sharon Kennedy(ankle surgery-recovery)Estalene's sister-         in law
​16. Prayers and support for the SanMartin family, also her sister       and mothers health.
17. Jacob (stroke from blood clot on brain) 32 years old
18. Jimmy(chemo) George Partin's cousin
19. Loretta Herring(personal matters) Robert Bissette's mother
20. Caleb (prayers) Wilson
21. Pearl O'Steen (healing of leg)
22. Betty Jo (cancer) Wanda Holland's sister
23. Travis Hoover(further testing) Rita's husband. Eddie Sacks             gen. health, Rita's brother in law.
24. James Albritton (cancer-no insurance)Melton's friend
25. Estalene Hargis (Dr. wisdom for meds
26. Dessie Mahoney
27. Welmav Wells (knee)
28. Connie Edwards
​29. Reggie Lanoue (operation)
30. Brad's sister passed. Prayers for her family
31. Shirlley Griffin, resident of Patty's house in Lithia
32. Friend of Norma in Il (stroke-paralyzed in left side)


Dave & Kelly Gregory


Today we're going to pray for two of our missionaries who serve in a Muslim country Central Asia. So you can understand why we will not use their real names or even say specifically where they serve. It is risky to be a missionary where they are. We'll call them David and Kelly - we call them our Missionaries because our church's Cooperative Program contributions help support them. Of course they are doing many things to get the Gospel out in the city where they live. But today we're going to focus on one conversation they had with a Muslim man names Tamar and his wife Nadia. We must say here that Tamar is Deaf. Now the two ladies, Kelly and Nadia, were friends and talked often. But Tamar had no interest in these Americans and kept his distance. One day after a Muslim service, David had tea with Tamar and a group of Deaf men. They talked in sign language about this and that, but then they talked about faith. David said he prays regularly for Tamar. This was stunning news for Tamar! David thought enough about him to pray for him! Tamar was greatly moved. Now Tamar considers David a friend. He has not yet given his life to Christ, but over time, let's pray that salvation will come to Tamar, his wife, Nadia and many, many others there where David and Kelly ar serving. Let's pry now about that.



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Casey Marie Lilienthal
John Watson
Benny & Tony Florez
Ruby Bodden's grandchildren
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Michael - Gwen's grandson
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