1511 El Rancho Dr.
Sun City Center, Florida 33573
               August 6, 2014

Sunday School
Faithful 7  
Pairs 14  
Joy 6  
Sunday Services:
42 AM 21 PM  
Prayer Meeting 15  
Tithes & Offerings
Building Fund 
Missions $200
Total Giving

  August Birthdays
Don Westlake 4th
Bobby Temlin 26th

Mr. & Mrs. George Hawbaker 4th 
Mr. & Mrs. Vito Viviano 8th
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bissette 27th
Mr. & Mrs. George Partin 29th

Special Prayer Requests:

1.Ken & Margaret Janey
2.Anna Tyler
3.Mary Jane Westlake (recovering from surgery)
4.Jeff Crosby
5.Valerie Persinger
6.Bobby Temlin (lungs, legs & pain)
7.Dick Natalie (lymphoma) Frank’s brother
8.Johnny & Pauline Testerman
9.Vito & Jeannie Viviano (back pain)  
10.Adrian Advolos (Lou Gehrig’s)
11.Pastor & Nevlin Goad (Pastor’s recovery)
12.Fran Hahn (cancer) Charlotte’s neighbor
13.Adam Clark(blood clots in lungs)Margaret Janey’s nephew
14.Wilma Wells (unspoken)
15.Little Lee (recovering) Chuck Stieb’s great-grandson
16.Bonnie Glass
17.Charlotte Ellsworth (recovering) 
18.Darlene Quinn(back surgery) Campbell’s neighbor
19.Lorraine Smith (eyes)
20.Benny(nephew), Tony(brother) of Jesse Florez
21.Tonya Bissette (unspoken)
22.Betty Garland (hospice)
23.Charles Dubose (health), Ledet’s friend
24.Cindy Sue (recovery)Peter Mills’ niece, & Sue (her mother)
25.Mary Christopher (health-tests for meds) Peter’s friend
26.Alice Miller (health) Peter’s mother
27.Howard & Betty Parsley (health)
28.Homer & Jo Parsley (health)
29.Ricky Cortez (cancer) Pearl’s friend
30.Catherine Burnett (health) Del’s mother
31.Joe Sullivan (surgery) Peter’s friend
32.Jerry Davis (lung surgery) Clarence’s friend
33.Reggie Lanoue (tests)
34.Toby Gbeh & his community in Liberia
35.Friend of Anthony Blackman(phone in) thinks he’s unto


Baked Goods For Jesus
(Kosovo) Southern Baptist representatives BRANDON and LORI DAILY* work with several innovative ministries that rely on missions volunteers. The family manages a bakery and coffee shop, which has become a popular spot for the Kosovar people, especially children and youth. The shop serves “American-style” baked goods such as cookies, cakes and coffee, complete with homemade syrup. They also work in a jalapeño farm which teaches poor, local farmers how to grow peppers to supply to local chefs. Through both ministries, the family looks for ways to share the Gospel in the predominantly Muslim area. Gifts through the Cooperative Program enable the family to live where they can build life-changing relationships.

One's Disability Can Encourage Others
(Michigan) An 80 percent hearing loss and speech impediment doesn’t discourage SCOTT BLANCHARD from remaining committed to his calling. As a church planter and pastor of Lakepointe Church, Scott uses his disability to encourage and connect with others. He proves each day that God can use anyone who is willing to be His servant. With your dedication to fulfilling the Great Commission through the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, Scott and his wife, KAREN, are investing in the lives of church planting interns and apprentices so more seeds can be sown in the Detroit area...


Harold Brawley
Casey Marie Lilienthal
John Watson
Ben Craven
Jack Snider
Alan Crosby
​Joe Harris
      Daily Prayer Concerns 

Pastor Goad
Church Leaders
 Sunday School Teachers 
Committees & Chairpersons 
Our community, Our Nation Nation's Leaders 
Troops & Families 
All of our Missionaries
Aborted babies                       Cure for cancer


Men’s Breakfast Wednesday 13th 7:30 a.m.

Business Meeting Wednesday 13th 6 p.m.

2 Cor. 8:12
God is actively doing good things for us. It pleases God when We recognize that every good gift comes from Him. We, too, are to do good for others. When we join together in faithful giving, we pool our resources and extend our ability to do good
things for others. 

   Ice Cream Social
August 17, 2014
Following Evening Service