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               May 16, 2018

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  May Birthdays
Barbara Melton 6
Wilma Wells 12
Nelda Ledet 12
George Partin 25


Special Prayer Requests:

1. Rance & Nevlin Goad (health)
2.Anna Tyler (health)
3. Little Lee (heath & recovery) Chuck's great-grandson
4. Thelma Crosby (balance and health)
5. George & Libby Hawbaker (health)
6. Don & Mary Jane Westlake (health)
7. Bonnie Johnson (health)
8. Avie Ruth (Janey's granddaughter) tumor coming back
10. Barbara Melton (radiation)
11. Chet Morgan (lungs)
12. Tonya Adkin (cancer) Bonnie Glass's neice
13. Cynthia Hildebrant (hospice at home), daughter Mary Nelson
14. Betty Parsley (health),& granddaughter
15. Robert Parsley's son (in hospice)
16. Ed & Dessie Mahoney (health)
17. Prayers for sister churches 
18. Ellie, (3 yr. old brain tumor)N Everett's friend Ray's 
19. Johnson & Martin Families Prayers, comfort and support
20. Wesley Young (health issues) Martin's nephew
21. John & Diane (bone spurs) Martin
22. Dawn (health) Betty Dail's sister
23. Dial Familly prayer, support & comfort (Betty's sister-in-law)
24. Charla Bradley (health and recovery) Rita Hoover's daughter
25. Toby Gbeh (healing of broken ankle)
26. Zack Miller
27. John & Debbie Rapp
28. Marshall Waltz (prayers) Chestine's grandson
29. Ken Null (recovery)
30. Phil Elkow (colonoscopy) Charlotte's friend
31. Peter (wisdom)
32. John Ellsworth (surgery May 12) Charlotte's son
33. Children & their parents where Pastor Dave Ungar works
34. Cory (triple bypass) Peter's friend
35. Mary Oknae(broken hip) Peter's friend
36. Dennis(test results May 18) may have cancer Tonya's brother


                                       Joe and Kim Busching

                                             Lima, Peru

We are going to South America today to pray for two of our international missionaries who serve in Peru. Joe and Kim Busching serve in Peru's capital city, Lima (say Lee-mah), which has almost 10 million people.  They are two of our more that 4,000 missionaries serving overseas, and we support them through our church's Cooperative Program giving. Joe and Kim have been meeting with Baptist leaders in Lima to encourage churches to pray for the neighborhoods around them and do more to bring those neighbors to faith in Christ. Now many people come to Lima and stay for a while, and then return to their home countries. Joe and Kim also want to reach these visitors and send them home with the gospel in their hearts. Today let's pray for Joe and Kim and ask God to bless their ministry. The work they are doing is so important, but it's also incredibly difficult and the numbers of lost people are huge. 


Harold Brawley
Alan Crosby
Joe Harris
Sue Stevens
Jeffrey Mills
Amanda Charlotte's G.D.
Lisa Sprouse & Kenny Null
Smith & Kohlhoff famlies
Terry Joslin 
Al Monar
Casey Marie Lilienthal
John Watson
Benny & Tony Florez
Ruby Bodden's grandchildren
Mark & Bethanie Vesely
Ruby Bowman's family
Ed Mahoney
John Lacy
David Salazar
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Movie Night 5 p.m. May 26
Memorial Day May 28th


 Cor. 8:12
God is actively doing good things for us. It pleases God when We recognize that every good gift comes from Him. We, too, are to do good for others. When we join together in faithful giving, we pool our resources and extend our ability to do good
things for others.