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       WEEK MESSENGER          February 25, 2024

Sunday School


Sunday Service 81
Wednesday Bible Study:
AM 25

Tithes & Offering
Building Fund

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Missions : 

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Total Giving

February Birthdays:

Tonya Bissette 2
Betty Dail 2
June Boswell 4
Dan Ledet 5
July Shea 5
Al Coleman 7
Mearg Roberts 11
Mel Melton 20
Margaret Janey 24
Carol Ingram 25
Pat Shea 25
Gay Igo 29
Chuck Stieb 29


David & Jennifer Cawley 12

Special Prayer Requests:

1. Chuck Stieb great grandson Little Lee(health)       
2. Estalene's brother and sister-in-law.
3. Frances SanMartin and brother(health)
4. Eddie Sacks (Parkinson's) Rita's brother-in-law
5. Wilma Wells(health) 
6. Joanne Shoemaker (health).                                                            8. 7. Julie Bochman (colon cancer & spiritual) Donna Igo's friend.
8. Pastor Ungar, Sherre Ungar and Linda Ungar(health)               
9. Mary Fisher (health)
10. Becky Molnar (neuropathy & plantar fasciitis)
11 Ashley & Melissa (unspoken) Melton's granddaughters         
12. Estalene Hargis (health)
13. Gary Igo (health)
14.  Dessie Mahoney (health)
15. Rick Blanton (health) Judy Shea's brother
16. Tim St. John (early on-set o Alzheimer's) Melton's son-in-law.        17. Delna Dail (kidney disease)                                                            18. Norma Everett (health) 
19. Jane Partin (parkinson's) George's sister-in-law
20. Danny Tabor (bone morrow transplant), Chuck Stieb's friend
21. Travis Mullen (brain damage) Lynne's son
22. Bill Schwanger (dementia) prayers for Joan as caregiver
23. Ken Null (Parkinson's)
24. Betty Parsley (heart)
25. Michael Roberts (chemo) and for Mearl as caregiver.
26. Steve McAfee (dizzy spells) Ron McAfee's son
27. Reggie Lanoue (kidney issues)
28. Joan Sturgill (liver cancer) John Martin's friend
29. Twila Bond (health)
30. Robert Bissette (recovering from shoulder surgery)
31. Dennis Stovall (poor health) Tonya's brother
32. Ricky Grimsley (stage 4 cirrhosis of liver) married to Pat Buell's            cousin
33. Jackie Flynn (recovery from heart surgery)
34. Dan Barker (recovering from bypass surgery) Dollie's husband
35. Al Zito (health issue) 
36. Charlotte Ellsworth (cancer)
37. John Martin (lung cancer)


Michael, Gwen's grandson
Kenny Vance, Linda's brother
Dave, Becky's friend
Mike Bates, Joyce's husband
Al Molnar, Becky's husband
Jane, Lynda Thomason's friend
Pat Shea Jr.
Dail family members
McAfee family members                      Joe Harris, Adell's brother
Sue Stevens, Peter Mills' sister
Ed Mahoney, Dessie's husband
Andy, Becky's brother
Ray Mullen & family members
Ungar family members
Melton family members
Angela Wilson, friend of Shea's

Daily Prayer Concerns 

Pastor Ungar
Church Leaders
Sunday School Teachers 
Committees & Chairpersons
Visitations & Building Program
Our President, Our community, Our Nation, Nation's Leaders
Our Community  Sister Churches
Troops & Families  Military Chaplains
All of our Missionaries
Stop abortions     Cure for cancer
Christians being persecuted
Protect elderly from scams
Law Enforcement   First Responders
Peace in Israel
Cure for COVID


February Missions Focus
Deaf and Orality Ministries in West Africa


When We think about sign Languages to communicate with the deaf, we in America immediately think of ASL or American Sign Language. But in reality, there are more than 300 sign languages around the world. Even some countries have multiple because their language has multiple dialects.

Martt and Vesta Sauter hold workshops to prepare the West Africans to communicate Scriptures in their regional sign languages. A lack of access to Scripture is common among the Deaf in Africa. It is also common for Deaf in Africa to neither read nor write. For those who cannot read, it is difficult for them to know the truths of the gospel. Even for those who are literate, their heart language is the sign language specific to their country. A written Bible doesn’t communicate the truths in a way they can fully understand. Supporting this project enables long-term workers to evangelize, train disciples, educate church leaders and provide resources to plant indigenous, Deaf-led, self-sustaining, reproducing Deaf churches using those core stories. Your support also enables more to be reached in their heart language.


Many African countries are strongly informed by orality, meaning that their forms of expression are often based on storytelling, verbal and oral traditions. Thus, knowledge is usually produced and passed on via word of mouth. This is particularly true of traditional, indigenous knowledge which includes knowledge about ways of living together, medicine, agriculture, myths, fairy tales and initiation rites. All of this information is orally transmitted from one generation to the next and rarely fixed in written form. The literacy rate is often low. Many of its people can be classified as functionally illiterate; although they have learned to read and write, many rarely use these abilities. As such, these skills are often lost to a great extent. In addition, people who can read and write often rely on face-to-face conversations and advice rather than trust written communication (be it printed or electronic). This strengthens oral culture which in itself thrives on the oral transmission of knowledge and myths.

The International Missions Board has missionaries involved in the ministry to teach the Bible truths using storytelling. There are established schools in the regions that are sending out locals to evangelize.


Please pray for more believers to go out and share the gospel with their people and that the Lord will give them strength to fight all that they come up against. 



Sunday School @9:00 a.m.

Morning Worship @ 10:00 a.m.

Missions in Action Tuesday (visitation) at 10:00 a.m.

Bible Study Wednesday @ 10:00 a.m.

Remote Car Races Every Saturday @ 8:00 a.m.
(Track Behind the Church - Bring a Chair)


March 3-10 Week of Prayer for Annie Armstrong

March 21 - 24 Revival

March 24 Homecoming


Chair Exercise Every Thursday at @10:00 a.m.

New 10-Week Bible Study on Trust Will Start March 4th

Lunch Bunch - 3rd Friday 12:00 pm

RSVP @941-504-7024 

Women's Missions and outreach Ministry (WMOM)
3rd Saturday from 1:00 pm to 2:30pm


Christian Fellowship every Tuesday at 12:30 pm
McDonalds in SCC