1511 El Rancho Dr.
Sun City Center, Florida 33573

                             Ben O’Steen - A ‘special’ prayer warrior

I had the privilege of getting to know Ben O’Steen in late 2005. We had just moved into the area, and attended Friendship Baptist Church for the first time. Ben and Pearl, his wife, were among the first to make us welcome. He had such a soft yet confident manner which drew people to him.

Over the years I was truly impressed by Ben’s dedication to Jesus and it showed when he prayed. It seemed that Ben had an inside track to The Lord. I was struck by the sincerity of his prayers for others. He would pray for their needs by name, and invoke ‘special’ prayers for them.  

As the years passed Ben’s health became such that he needed these prayers himself. When visiting Ben at home or in the hospitals we would always have a prayer before we parted. Ben would always pray himself, and in his prayers he prayed for others.  

I visited Ben the last time at Tampa General. It was just a few days before he went home to be with Jesus. I thought that Ben was probably unaware of my presence, because when I spoke to him there was no reaction. Before I left, I asked his niece and nephew to join me in prayer. We gathered around Ben, I laid my hand on Ben’s hand, and we prayed. At the end of the prayer, to my astonishment, I heard Ben praying. I could not make out the words, but am positive he was praying… and most likely for others. When he finished praying, he seemed to be again unaware of us in the room.  

That moment brought tears to my eyes. I really did not want to see this prayer warrior go, but I know he is home now. We miss you, old friend. You were a true inspiration right to the very end. I am sure God has a ‘special’ place for you in Heaven. You are ‘special’ to us and to Him.

George Partin, June 2012